Puppy safety

Keeping your puppy safe when venturing outdoors – Part 2

Allowing your puppy to venture outside during his early months means that you have to keep a strict and watchful eye. There are dangers lurking everywhere and because your puppy is innocent and ignorant of many aspects of the outside world, he is bound to get into trouble or experience an injury if you are not careful enough.

Try to avoid any areas where strange dogs are allowed to run loose

I know how exciting it is to want to take your new puppy out to the local dog park and watch him run around, play, and meet the other dogs. However, not every dog owner has control over their pet when off-leash.

Most adult dogs are friendly to puppies, but unfortunately some do not behave well when smaller dogs and puppies approach. This is especially true for more dominant canines that may interpret a puppy approaching as a potential threat.


Never skip out on getting your puppy his immunization shots. They can protect your dog from many communicable diseases that may be passed on from other animals.  However, this is not guaranteed to protect your dog 100%, which is why it is best to avoid dog parks and other social canine areas altogether until your puppy is it least six months old and has had all of his shots.

Keep your puppy on his leash at all times

Again I must share the same excitement as you probably feel about watching your puppy run free in a large field, sprinting back and forth, tumbling over, running free and happy. There is nothing like it. And so long as your dog is in a safe, enclosed area to be off the leash, there is absolutely no problem with this activity.

On the other hand, in any other area outside, it is always best to keep him securely connected and under your control. It is totally impossible to predict any situation that you or your puppy may encounter. There are unfriendly dogs out there, cats dashing back and forth, irresponsible drivers moving at high speeds, and overly zealous children who love nothing more than to chase after small dogs to try and play with them.

These are just a few situations that could lead to injury or worse yet, a fatality for your little guy. Such a disastrous situation is not worth it so do your best to keep your dog securely attached by your side at all times.