Puppy safety

Keeping your puppy safe when venturing outdoors – Part 1

Discovering the outside world is one of the most exciting and new experiences that a young puppy can have. Every little movement and sound that your puppy notices for the first time is both invigorating and scary at the same time.

The same goes for you, the owner. You want your dog to discover new things and become socialized, but are fearful that something might go wrong. Caution is the number one factor that should be taken into consideration when introducing your puppy to the outside.

Select friendly & healthy canine playmates

It is important to socialize your puppy with other animals, especially dogs, but at the same time you must ensure that they are not the violent type and are free of diseases.

Do not let your puppy run around with strange dogs until he has been completely immunized.  The age is typically between 15 and 20 weeks before all shots are given by the veterinarian. And keep a watchful eye over these other dogs when your puppy is out playing with them.

If you and your dog are having fun in a public area specifically designated for dogs, like a dog park or some place similar, take notice of the other animals. Are they coughing or sneezing? Do any of the other dogs appear to be going to the bathroom with diarrhea? The basic idea here is to do your best to keep your puppy away from potentially sick animals as best possible.

Keep your puppy away from strange outside areas

In other words, keep your puppy away from piles of rocks, tangled bushes, or wood. These areas in the wild can harbor potentially dangerous, and sometimes fatal accidents just waiting to happen. Venomous snakes and other dangerous animals, such as porcupines or skunks, could be lurking and waiting for the opportunity to strike at your little dog.

I realize that it can be a lot of fun watching your energetic, excited puppy hunting down small critters and digging up piles of dirt, but you really do not know what is underneath and it’s better to divert your dog’s attention to something else safer.

If for some reason that your puppy does run into such an accident and is bitten or injured by one of these animals, get away as fast as possible and contact your veterinarian. Should a snakebite occur or other similar type injury that penetrates the dog’s skin, it is best to go directly to your vet. Do not wait. Some of these bites can be fatal.