Puppies and children

How dogs can help teach your children responsibility

Dog on leash with little kid

I feel bad for those parents out there who do not believe in having a dog as a family pet.  Some people just do not understand how beneficial it is to have an adorable and loyal companion as a member of the family. Puppies and dogs bring an atmosphere of love into the house and in many cases, promote emotional well-being and even physical healing to people who may be experiencing an ailment.

What’s more important is that dogs are also an enormous benefit to children of all ages.  Owning a dog is a great way to engage your kids in the process of responsibility. Teaching your children to be responsible is probably one of the most important aspects of being a parent. And why not have a little help in this department with the assistance of a brand-new puppy?

Once a puppy comes into your household, there are a lot of responsibilities that need to be taken care of so that the dog can be raised with good health, cleanliness, and training.  Unfortunately, in this busy day and age, most of us are working eight to 12 hours daily and do not get to spend a lot of time with our children.  When they come home from school and have no pressure towards completing household responsibilities, their work ethic and confidence may be shortchanged. This is where having a dog can help.

How can a dog help kids become more responsible?

Simply put, it takes a lot of work to maintain a dog in the house. And this work can be equally shared amongst your children.  So long as they’re physically capable of tending to certain activities, your children will be able to help with walking the dog, feeding him, help with keeping the dog clean, play ball, etc.

It is important to also give your children the idea that the time they are spending with your puppy, and the responsibilities and which they participate in, all lead to a positive outcome.  To get a better idea of what I’m referring to here, imagine that you are getting your children to help out and take care of the dog.  Sure it may be a struggle at first, but eventually your kids will take part every day in cleaning up the dog’s potty mess, making sure he has food and water, and brushing the dog  with a little grooming now and again.

Now imagine making it clear to the kids that all of these things that they are doing are making the dog healthy and happy. Take the kids to the veterinarian with you when the dog needs his regular checkups. Explain to your children that your dog is healthy and happy all because of them. Your kids will feel good knowing that they are a part of the entire process of being responsible for the family pet.