Spay and neuter

Spaying the older female dog – Part 2

Older female dogs should not be left to become pregnant, especially if by accident. While  you may not agree with this notion, it can only enlighten your opinion by understanding a few solid reasons why these senior citizen lady dogs should be fixed.

In addition to the prevention of inheritable diseases and avoiding physical problems from have puppies at such an old age, the following arguments also stand a firm ground for spaying the older female dog.

Spaying can help prevent your dog from being exposed to communicable diseases

The overwhelming rush of male dogs at six-month periods often brings your female into contact or close proximity to a variety of dogs which could be infected. In some cases females will put down an aggressive male and result can be a biting, scratching, and fighting, which results in medical attention needed.

Spaying will reduce the mess of heavy discharge

If your dog has a heavy discharge during her heat period, you have probably spent your fair share of time cleaning up blood stains from rugs, floors, and furniture. A quick operation by your veterinarian can stop this problem. While this is not a major consideration, you’ll appreciate this point if you’ve ever tried to get blood out of a soft, fuzzy, white bathroom rug.

No more dog riots outside your front door

One of the benefits of spaying any female is the elimination of the twice-yearly nuisance factor of other dogs in your neighborhood trying to break down your door or fence. The attractiveness of a female dog in heat is extremely powerful.

While you may have adequate means of restraining your female and warding off male dogs, there is still a nuisance factor to your neighbors from the barking, and urinating and defecating on lawns and shrubs. If your female is through producing, you can eliminate this twice-yearly problem easily.

Spaying your older female dog may increase her energy levels

Many older dogs go through this, especially females. If your dog is constantly thin and weary, it could be that spaying will release a new directional burst of energy for her. Their whole physical well-being takes on a different turn, which can even be noticed in their coat, appearances, responses, and attitude.