Choosing a puppy

Do you really want a big dog?

Big and small dog

Each year, thousands of individuals and families bring home a member of a large dog breed, only to discover in a short time that it is not the right fit for their home and lifestyle.

Of course this sudden realization is understandable – why would most people want a canine that reaches 100 pounds and is taller than the children? However, it was not a responsible decision in the first place to buy a large breed of dog without doing the research needed to ensure it was a perfect match for you and the family.

Beware of that adorable “little” puppy

Too many people see that oh-so-cute pup in the store or walking around the neighbor’s garden and are suddenly drawn to have a puppy as well. Why? Cute ears, puppy breath, that harmless wobbly walk – but you know what – all puppies are cute!

Let’s take some breeds for example that have characteristics that many people are not privy do when purchasing: A beagle is one of the cutest puppies there is, but most likely will run away most of the time without lots of training. A Coonhound is cute and will be big, but due to its genetic makeup must have a large outside area to explore and run when it is older. It is a tracking and scenting dog.

It’s all in the genes, so take time to read up on the breed

Big dogs all have unique “big dog personalities” and somehow they must blend with you and your home. There must be a fit. They can put a huge demand on you and your home if the family is unprepared to handle it.

The characteristics bred into canines by humans will determine if a big dog can be a good companion in your situation. The expenses are often greater, if not only in food, and you must be committed to caring for them. Big dogs are also hard to find new homes for once they are older so if you change your mind then it will be the poor animal that suffers down the road.

Once you have decided a big dog is right for you

So you want to have a dog in your life, have done all the research you can on the breed, understand its size potential as well as its needs for living and care.

You have also been honest with yourself and determined why you want a big dog and that you have the proper environment set up. You are well funded enough to do so and you just don’t want a compact mini model dog – you must have a big one!

Now all you have to do is decide want length fur you want and what breed is most suitable for you and your family. When you bring the new pup home make certain you train and socialize the big guy well. And above all, enjoy your big dog!